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To purchase a Bartow Area Habitat for Humanity home, an applicant must be a US citizen or permanent legal resident who currently lives or works in Bartow County and has done so for at least one year.  Applicants must also be first-time home-buyers who have lived independently for the past year.  In addition, they must demonstrate that their present housing is not adequate and that they are unable to obtain adequate housing through other conventional means.


In terms of financial standing, applicants must prove a steady source of income and show good credit while, demonstrating a positive monthly cash-flow and any charged-off debts or debts in collection must be $250 or less.  Bankruptcy must have been discharged for three years or if it was dismissed, applicants must have paid off all related debts.

Sweat Equity

The Bartow Area Habitat for Humanity homeowners are required to contribute a minimum of 250 hours of labor to the construction of their home as well as others.   In the Habitat community, this is known as

"Sweat Equity."  They must also complete homeowner education classes. (see section on Education).

Dedication & Homeownership

Upon dedication, Habitat presents each new homeowner with a symbols of Habitat's principles.  These include a Bible and a "golden hammer."  A highly significant symbol of Habitat's philosophy is the interest-free mortgage, which Habitat expects their homeowners to pay just like any other homeowner.

All homeowners are expected to properly maintain their property, make their mortgage payments on time and be a valuable member of the community.  As part of their sweat equity requirments, they also must attend financial and homeownship classes in orer to become more educated about owning their first home.

expectations of homeowner

Building strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter